Clearly you need to publicise your case studies with your sales colleagues if you want them to be used. But the reasons to put some effort into marketing your customer references across your company don't stop there.

Here are the top 4 reasons to share your customer references internally:

1. Building connections and knowledge

It’s easy for different functions within an organisation to fall into the trap of becoming separate ‘silos’ of skills, knowledge and even loyalties. By sharing your customer successes across teams you can make disparate working groups feel more connected to the wider aims of your organisation, and generate knowledge about, and interest in, what others are up to.

2. A little competition can be a good thing

While 'collaboration' has become the buzzword in organisations today, there’s nothing like a little competitive one-upmanship to spur people on. If one of your teams is generating loads of positive feedback through your customer reference programme, it can encourage your other teams to pull their socks up and show themselves in a better light by nominating potential references in their own area.

3. Reinforcing the message

Sharing case studies is also a way to highlight and fix your organisation’s brand values and key messages in the minds of your staff. If it’s not too cheesy to say so, one of the key ways to make sure your people are the best advocates for your company is if they truly ‘live the brand’. If your case studies clearly illustrate how your successes fall in line with your brand values, this reinforces the message with your staff.

4. Pride and motivation

And let’s not forget pride. If your people feel they are connected with everyone else in your organisation and all working towards common goals, they'll be proud of what they do and feel a communal sense of achievement in your successes. This makes for better motivated individuals and more synchronised teams.

Going even further:

There's one other reason to share case studies internally. Every case study represents a successful interaction with a customer. If you want your colleagues to be able to replicate that success, you can adapt and extend each case study to capture all the best practices and lessons learned in the project.


The benefit of promoting customer references internally goes way beyond making sales colleagues aware that they exist. In fact, the benefits go way beyond your sales colleagues as a whole.

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